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Making it in the Mecca


A mini documentary written and produced by Long Island City's

 Leonardo Jorge

 Class of 2016


Episode 1: Unsigned Senior Hype Try-outs

Episode 2: My Live Period

Episode 3:  l Baba Gz: The Beginning




posted 08/24/2016
Zero Gravity - NY Fall Slate

posted 08/24/2016
2016 SmartBall Classic

By Brett Wilson

SmartBall Classic 2016 Pre Season High School Tournament. Single game elimination.

These are the players we noticed:


Thursday, August 18
Bishop Loughlin vs Frederick Douglass Academy
Curtis High vs Jefferson High
Lincoln High vs Kennedy High

Keith Williams 2017 6'5 wing Bishop Loughlin HS - Runs the floor hard on the fast break. Good in transition. Good athlete with good ability to be effective on the boards from the wing. Can be streaky as a scorer. Needs to be better with his dribble and shooting from the perimeter.

Markquis Nowell 2018 5'7 point guard Bishop Loughlin HS - good with his dribble and pass. Has the ability to find others with his pass. Good court vision and awareness. Average 3pt  shooter. Can be turnover prone. Needs to become solid on defense

Travis Cox 2017 6'0 guard FDA - combo guard with decent instincts. Can dribble well. Solid frame. Can take it to the basket and get into the lane in transition. Needs to work on his shooting

Ransford Agyeman 2017 6'0 guard Curtis - good with the ball. Knows how to make plays. Good in transition and crashing the boards. Good defender. Needs to keep his dribble under control

Samuel Majekodunmi 2017 6'1 guard Curtis HS - nice skill set. Can play the point. Good in the half court. Good IQ.  Can hit mid range shot. Needs to work on his 3pt shooting. 

Marques Watson 2018 6'5 wing Jefferson HS  - good dribbling skills.  Can play the point wing. Nice with his dribble drive to the basket. Average passer. Needs to get stronger  and play better defense.

Donald Flores 2017 6'0 point guard Lincoln HS - physical point guard. See the court. Good with his pass. Can take it strong to the basket with his dribble. Average defender.  Needs to be consistent with his outside shooting.

Othello Smith 2017 6'9 center Lincoln HS - can block some shot and grab some rebounds. Average player in the post. Needs to get stronger and develop into a offensive threat.

Joshua Moore 2017 6'5 wing Kennedy HS -  average skill set but has good upside.  Can hit open shots. Can be effective with his pass. Needs to look to score more and be more aggressive. 


Wednesday, August 17
Cardinal Hayes vs Wadleigh High
Bedford High vs WHEELS

Joe Toussaint 2019 5'10  point guard  Cardinal Hayes HS -    good with his dribble. Has the ability to make good passes. Getting better on defense. Needs to be a better shooter.

Tyrese Williams 2018 6'2 guard Cardinal Hayes HS - good with his ability to get to the basket. Has 3pt range.  Average dribble and defender. Needs to be consistent as a go to player

Jalen Nesmith 2019 5'10 point guard Cardinal Hayes HS  - good shooter. Can dribble and is a good passer. Needs to improve as a lock down perimeter defender. 

Babacar Ndiaye 2017 6'17 forward Wadleigh HS - shows good upside as a post player. Runs well. Decent footwork and post presence. Needs to stay aggressive as a rebounder and a post defender and with his offensive skill set.

Marlon Moretta 2017 6'5 wing WHEELS HS - decent spot shooter. Can hit 3pt shots. Decent perimeter awareness. Needs to get with his dribble, defense and on the boards for his size.

Jahlil Nougues 2017 5'6 point guard Bedford Academy -  good point guard in the making. Shows that he can run the team and make his shots. Needs to stay strong with his dribble when being pressured.


Tuesday, August 16
Boys & Girls High vs John Bowne High

Marcus Patterson 2019 5'9 point guard  Boys & Girls HS  - good court sense. Plays under control.  Does a good jobs at setting up his teammates. Not afraid to be aggressive with his dribble.  Needs to look for his offensive more.

Kareem Reid 2019 6'7 forward John Bowne HS - Long frame. Good wingspan. Can protect the rim as a shot blocker. At times can put the ball on the floor and dribble when he is not under heavy pressure. Good athletic potential. Can rebound.  Needs to become a scorer and get stronger. 


Monday, August 15

South Shore High vs St. Raymonds

​Monsignor Scanlan vs Benjamin Cardozo High

Isaiah Richards 2019 6'9 center South Shore HS - can be a shot blocker.  Average  rebounder.  Young player. Needs to play tough against good competition

Isaiah Washington 2017 5'10  point guard St Raymond - good with the ball. Good with his dribble and pass. Has 3pt range.   Needs to play better defense.

Dallas Watson 2018 6'1  St Raymond - Decent in transition.  Can get above the basket when driving in transition. Needs look for his outside shot.

Omar Silverio 2018 6'5 guard St. Raymond HS  - combo guard. Works Hard on offense.  Steady improving with his offensive play. Nice touch with his dribble and pass. Needs to stay hungry on defense.

Saquan Singletary 2017 6'6 wing Scanlan HS  - knows how to attack the basket.  Long player.  Decent passer. Can play the point wing. Needs to develop shooting ability.

Victor Potter 2018 6'7 forward Monsignor Scanlan - good athleticism. Good bounce and jumping around the basket. Can rebound. Can block some shots on the defensive end. Needs to work on his dribbling skills.

Marcus Hammond 2018 5'9 point guard Cardozo HS  - Smart player. Knows how and when to make the right pass. Can hit open shots. Young player. Need to become a better defender and get stronger.


posted 08/16/2016
Smartball Classic Game Schedule


These games will be played at Lincoln Playground Park, 135 Street and 5th Avenue




posted 08/13/2016

by posted 08/07/2016
Elevate Hoops Summer Hoop Fest


By Brett Wilson

Ardsley, NY We caught a couple high potential guys at the Elevate Hoops Summer Hoop Fest on Saturday, July 16:

Clifton Moore 2017 6'9 forward Hatboro - Horsham (PA) AAU Team:  Hoopdreamz Blue - good potential. Good upside. Can hit the mid range shot and at times the 3pt shot.  Long frame. Runs well. Not afraid to go inside. Knows how to seal in the post. Moves well inside the paint and on the perimeter.  Needs to get stronger and develop a finishing move with his left hand going over his right shoulder.

Emmanuel Umofia 2018 7'2 center Putnam Science Academy (CT) AAU Team: NY Rens - still developing as a player. Has decent energy.  Can be effective as a shot blocker and rebounder when he is going after the rebound instead of letting the rebound come to him. Can run the floor with limited mobility. Needs to develop his offensive skills. 

Kenionis James 2017 7'0 center Immaculate School (NJ) AAU Team: NJ Playaz - can be effective passer. Average footwork.  Knows how to post up and make himself a target in the post. Decent touch at the basket when he is not under pressure.  Needs to be aggressive going after rebounds and needs to work on his conditioning.

Ubong Okon 2017 6'10 Prominence School (SC) AAU Team: Upward Stars Southeast - works hard. Moves good in the post. Knows how to get deep position in the paint.  Good footwork.  Sets hard screens. Needs to be a better rebounder.

posted 07/18/2016
2016 Big Apple Showcase


By Brett Wilson

Ardsley, NY There was a generous turnout of talent at the Zero Gravity Big Apple Super Showcase on Thursday, July 14. Here's some of the guys who caught our eye:

Daeqwon Plowden 2017 6'5 wing Mastery Charter North HS (NJ)  AAU Team: K-Low Elite - athletic player.  Plays above the rim. Can step out to the 3pt line and hit shots. Good defender when he is focused on defending.  Good stroke at the free throw line.

Koby Thomas 2017 6'6 wing Imhotep Charter HS (PA) AAU Team:  K-Low Elite - athletic player that goes hard to rim. Always in attack mode. Not afraid to go get offensive rebounds. Plays above the rim. Good in transition pushing the ball. Average passer.

Seth Pinkney 2018 6'9 center Archbishop Wood HS (PA) AAU Team:  K-Low Elite - slender frame. Can finish at the basket with little contact.  Long arms. Moves good in the post. Needs to get stronger

Patrick Harding 2017 6'8 Fairfield Prep HS (CT) AAU Team:  Middlesex Magic - good footwork.  Good hands. Good passer from the high post. Runs hard. Will battle on the boards.  Good basketball presence. Knows how to let the action come to him. Needs to be a consistent scoring.

Elvin Rodriguez 2017 6'1 point guard Green Farms Academy (CT) AAU Team:  CM3 Elite - quick with the ball. Works hard to create for himself and others.  Has the ability to razzle and dazzle you with his dribble and pass.  Works hard on defense.  Moves his feet well.  Needs to get stronger for inside play in the paint and at the basket.

Jordan Pierce 2017 7 Union Catholic HS (NJ) AAU Team:  NJ Road Runners - good potential.  Big body. Knows how to block out and rebound. Will give a solid effort to protect the basket on defense.  Average footwork and moves in and around the paint. Needs to develop a jump hook shot.

Kevin Smith 2017 6'2 guard Putnam Science Academy (CT) AAU Team: NY Jayhawks - good in transition. Athletic enough to finish at the basket. Moves well without the ball. High energy player. Willingness to work hard on both ends. Needs to be a better shooter. 

Prince Hickson 2016 6'5 forward Upper Room Christian Academy (NY) AAU Team:  Open Season -  tough and plays hard
Good rebounder with the ability to be a point forward.  Knows how to advance the ball in transition and get set up in the half court. Can extend the court with his 3pt shooting ability.  Good on defense

Marcellus Livingston 2017 6'2 guard Linden HS (NJ) AAU Team: The Firm -  good release on his shot. Has the skills to get past you and hit either a soft floater or pull up in the lane. Has 3pt range.  Decent with his dribble and pass.  Needs to be a better defender.

EJ Anosike 2017 6'7 forward Paramus Catholic HS (NJ) AAU Team: The Firm -  good post moves. Sets good screens. Strong frame. Good rebounder.  Strong enough to hold his position in the post.  Good hands. Need to develop a good mid range shot.

Darius Hicks 2017 6'10 Coastal Academy (NJ) AAU Team:  USAD - good motor. Plays hard. Can be a defensive force. Can block shots. Run the floor. Good leaper. Crashes the defensive boards.

by R TB posted 07/18/2016
Wooter Summer Tournament


Register here: wooterleague.eventbrite.com

posted 07/07/2016
Big Blue Elite Camp, Session 1


By Juliette Ferraro

Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:ls:ys8wpb8s0z55vgl_51yg_g7r0000gn:T:com.apple.iChat:Messages:Transfers:FullSizeRender.jpgMany young basketball prospects were seen at the first session of the Big Blue Elite Camp at Columbia University this weekend. With the help of the coaching staff at Columbia and their D-1 team, these young, elite basketball players got a great idea of what it’s like to play for a Division 1 program. They also got a chance to showcase their wares to a throng of college scouts in the building. This is who we liked:

Jordan Sacks (2017) 6’5” Windward School (Los Angeles, CA)  Great ball handling and turnover. He spins to work around those who is guarding him. Sacks also has high academic standing.

Saubhagya Balyan (2017) 6’4” West Windsor-Plainsboro North HS (Plainsboro, NJ) D1 material   Dominates the court. He’s an obvious leader to call the plays. Balyan is a player who moves well and has the court confidence to just go for it. He looks for open space to take the shot. He’s a jumper and goes for the rebound. Any coach would be foolish to pass this player up! Balyan also has high academic standing.

Jake Seeherman (2018) 6’1” Riverdale Country School (New York, NY)  Seeherman sees more than just the ball. He looks for open court space and sees the unguarded opponent to direct teammates to take cover. He sinks free throws.

Javon Taylor (2017) 6’3” Beaver Country Day School (Cambridge, MA)   Taylor is a tall player who just drops the ball into the net.  He’s the man on the court who is the go-to pass for his teammates because they know he’ll make an easy tear drop shot or dunk! It’s hard to see the other players on the court with this guy out there. Son of former NBA player Maurice Taylor. Taylor also has high academic standing.

William Bennett (2017) 5’11” Albany Academy (Voorheesville, NY) Bennett gets a hand on the ball anytime he can. He is constantly looking to make the assist. He moves to snatch the rebound and keeps control of the ball when being heavily guarded. Bennett also has high academic standing.

Stone Abramson (2019) 5’11” The Browning School (New York, NY) Abramson is an aggressive player who takes to the paint with speed and looks for an outside pass or a layup.

Kevin Fee (2018) 6’3” The Canterbury Prep School (Montauk, NY)   Fee is the epitome of a team player. He moves the ball down court to look for the pass or to take the shot. He easily pops in the 3s.

Arron Cruz (2017) 6’0” John Jay HS (Pound Ridge, NY)   Cruz is extremely quick on his feet. He takes quick little steps to throw off the opponent. He keeps his stance wide and open when defending. He keeps the ball low at a dribble and is the first to the net to get the rebound. Makes quick fakes for an easy undefended lay up. Cruz also has high academic standing.

Kevin Haddad (2017) 5’11” Yeshiva of Flatbush (Brooklyn, NY)   Not only does this player move fast, but he moves the ball quickly too. Haddad passes to the outside and is ready for the pass back. Before an opponent can get to him the ball has already left his hands. He moves the ball so quick between his legs that he confuses his opponents. Haddad also has high academic standing.

Kevin Townes Jr. (2017) 6’1” Our Lady of Lourdes (Lagrangeville, NY)   Another player with great ball handling skills, including working the ball behind his back.

Matthew Bantis (2017) 6’1” Poly Prep Country Day School (Brooklyn, NY)   Bantis makes effortless 3-pointers and will take to the paint to make a quick layup.

Luka Radovich (2018) 6’4” Cresskill HS (Cresskill, NJ)  Radovich uses his height to get up for the rebounds and isn’t afraid to go for the jumper. He has high accuracy when taking the jump shot.

Daniel Cappo (2017) 6’8” Pomfret School (Larchmont, NY)   Cappo is the big guy on the court. He keeps the ball above everyone’s head and uses his long arms to keep intercepting and getting a hand on the ball. He takes effortless jump shots.

Neville Lee (2017) 6’0” The Macduffie School, post grad (Yonkers, NY)   Lee has a swift leg turnover and a quick step. He’s quick to defend and will take to the paint for a tear drop shot. He’s verbal and isn’t afraid to make the long pass. Lee also has high academic standing.

Manasseh Small (2018) 6’1” The Phelps School (Brooklyn, NY)   Small is a pesky defender but is also a guard who can visualize the play. He sets the play up at the top of the key. Small also has high academic standing.

David Goldman (2017) 6’1” Riverdale Country School (New York, NY)   Great footwork! Goldman back peddles fast on defense and side shuffles around the key to stay open for a shot on offense.  Goldman also has high academic standing.

Brenden Determann (2018) 6’5” Berkner HS (Dallas, TX)   This is a player who looks like a D1 athlete. Determann plays like a matured player with a lot of experience. He takes to the paint when he knows he has it and has the experience to know when he doesn’t. When defending his focus is solely on the one he is defending. Determann also has high academic standing.

Angelo Stuart (2018) 6’1” Bedford Academy (East Stroudsburg, PA)   Stuart is a defender who doesn’t give up without a fight. He pokes and prods until the ball is in his possession. Stuart also has high academic standing.

Joshua Radin (2017) 6’2” Henry M. Gunn HS (Los Altos Hills, CA)   Radin not only traveled coast to coast for this elite camp, but grabs the rebound to take the ball coast to coast and makes a quick hand off on offense.  Radin also has high academic standing.

Will Engelmayer (2018) 5’7” Trinity School (New York, NY)   He’s a defender who stays low and keeps focus on the ball. Engelmayer is one of a few players to have insight of a play before it happens. Engelmayer also has high academic standing.

Avi Leung (2017) 6’4” Lick Wilmerding HS (San Francisco, CA)   Leung is an aggressive player who moves the ball fast, coast to coast and is always ready for the shot whether it be a 3 pointer or a layup. Leung also has high academic standing.

Wellington Ventura (2018) 6’4” Cresskill HS (Cresskill, NJ)   Ventura is a 3-point shooter who looks to take the layup. His tall and lanky build allows him to jump for the rebound. He looks for open space for an open pass from his teammates.

Matthew Glassman (2017) 5’11” Lawrence Academy (Bedford, NH)   This young man plays around the key until he knows it safe to cut in for the shot. He works the ball well from the baseline back up to the key. Glassman also has high academic standing.

George Papas (2017) 6’4” Union Catholic (Plainfield, NJ)  Papas makes a shot right after the tip off. There’s no lazy playing with this player. He makes threes and doesn’t waste any time taking the shot. He plays quickly and with accuracy. He makes just about every 3-pointer he puts up. Papas also has high academic standing.

Alexander Schachne (2018) 5’10” Gill St. Bernard’s HS (Summit, NJ)  Schachne is an aggressive defender and tries to get his hands on everything. He spins around his opponents and drives to the net. Schachne also has high academic standing.

Garrett Day (2017) 6’1” Avonworth HS (Sewickley, PA)  Day is a smart player. There’s a sense of calmness with this player in only the best way. He’s able to stay calm, focus, make the shot or see the open pass. He works the ball 1v1 until he can break to the net. He’s constantly moving and is one of the most talented players on the court. Day also has high academic standing.

Jake Klores (2017) 5’11” Riverdale Country School (New York, NY)   He plays offense low and his able to weave in between his opponents with ease to take to the paint for a lay up.

CJ Mulvey (2017) 6’7” Albany Academy (Rotterdam, NY)   Mulvey is a player who uses his height to his advantage. He swats down shots on defense, makes easy tear drop shots and can sink just about every lay up.

Zach Light (2018) 6’4” Northfield Mount Hermon HS (New York, NY)   Light is lightning fast! This player is all over the rebounds. He’s usually the first to grab it and make a quick dash for the net on offense. Light also has high academic standing.

Nicholas Macarchuk (2017) 6’7” St. Thomas More HS (Alamo, CA)   Macarchuk has a quick and light step and plays until the ball is in the basket and then immediately transitions into defense. 

Austin Hutcherson (2017) 6’5” Hun School of Princeton (Freehold, NJ)   Hutcherson is a raw athlete from the way he plays defense, to the way he dunks. He chases down his opponents and makes quick breaks to slam it into the net.

John Checkett (2017) 6’5” Chaparral HS (Scottsdale, AZ)   This guy has his focus on scoring. He tries to push the ball to the net whenever possible and seems to make up for his teammates errors. At the same time he’s congratulates his teammates often when a shot is made. Checkett also has high academic standing.

Noah Fennell (2018) 6’2” Lower Merion HS (Bala-Cynwyd, PA)   Fennell is an all-star in the classroom and on the court. He has great ball handling skills and when he gets outside the key he slows down the pace of the ball.

Gregory Giordano (2017) 6’1” Smithtown West HS (Kings Park, NY)   Giordano works hard every time he steps onto the court. He’s constantly sprinting coast to coast and driving the lay up that he consistently makes. Giordano is always amped up and never tires out. Giordano also has high academic standing.

Brandon Sechan (2020) 5’4” New Canaan HS (New Canaan, CT)   Although a youngster, Sechan sees the ball and takes it. He makes quick steels and jabs into the opponents dribble. After gaining possession, he drives the shot with a quick step. Although not the tallest guy out there, he has a jump and arm span to grab anything.

Paxson Wojcik (2019) 6’3” Gonzanga Preparatory School (Spokane, WA)   Wojcik slows the pace of the ball at the top of the key and when it’s time, he guns it and makes the dash. Wojcik also has high academic standing.

Ethan Moss (2017) 6’1” Prolific Prep Senior Year HS (Santa Monica, CA)  Moss has great ball handling skills making him a great guard! He’s quick and drives the paint not letting anyone stop him. He’s a skilled shooter and makes the 3s whenever the ball is passed to him outside of the key. Moss also has high academic standing.

George Tsikopoulos (2018) 6’5” St. Catherine’s British School (Athens, Greece)   Tsikopoulos is all over the ball and sets him and teammates up for the play. He always gets a hand on the ball to take the shot or snag the rebound. Tsikopoulos also has high academic standing.

Evan Roteman (2017) 6’0” Greens Farms Academy (Chappaqua, NY)   Roteman plays gym rat fancy. He has really great perception on the court of where the ball is in relation to his teammates. He fakes out his opponents with a quick pass around the back. When watching this player, it feels like you’re watching a video in double time. He makes quick jerky motions at the top of the key before closing in to take the jumper. He drives the bounce pass to his teammates. He feeds off errors and wins.  Roteman also has high academic standing.

Cameron Shockley (2018) 6’5” United Nations International School (Norwalk, CT)   Shockley is a scorer! Not only does this player take to the net whenever possible, he scores. Shockley also has high academic standing.

Zach Watson (2017) 6’1” Dublin Jerome HS (Dublin, OH)   Watson pushes until the shot has been made. If the ball hits rim, he is the first to get a hand on the ball to put it back up in the net. He makes quick and hard passes to the other side of the court and he is able to easily transition on defense to double guard the opponent. Watson also has high academic standing.

Noah Less (2017) 5’10” Fitchburg HS (Fitchburg, MA)   Every time you look up Less is doing more and has the ball. He has the drive and energy of two players and is doesn’t wait for anyone to get the ball in the net.

Elliot Sawyer-Kaplan (2018) 5’8” Choate Rosemary Hall (New Haven, CT)  Sawyer-Kaplan can recover from just about anything. He’s aggressive on defense and grabs any dropped ball.

posted 06/26/2016
2016 Rumble in the Bronx


The RecruitTheBronx.com scouting department is never busier than when our region's highest profile AAU tournament, Rumble in the Bronx is in action. 

For not taking place during a D1 Live Period, Rumble is definitely a very impressive collection of D1 prospects in an event where D1 college coaches are NOT allowed to see them in person. 

Accordingly, we kept pretty busy taking notes on their behalf.

We broke the tournament down by age group just to keep the report from being so overwhelming long.

2016 Rumble in the Bronx -17u

2016 Rumble in the Bronx -16u 

2016 Rumble in the Bronx -15u

2016 Rumble in the Bronx -14u

posted 06/15/2016
Binderhoops Premier Basketball Showcase

by posted 06/10/2016
West 4th Street Summer Games


By Brett Wilson

West 4th Street 40 years of West 4th Street Basketball tipped off on Memorial Day. This will be another summer filled with a lot of action and talented players putting their skills on display. We will be on hand for many of the games.

Saturday June 4.
The Bridge vs Fearless Matrix
Team Mega vs S.E. Stars
Bklyn Qns Warriors vs Sky Risers

Romeo Gonzalez 2017  6'7 forward Global Studies HS Coach John Templeton W4S Team:Fearless Matrix Coach Dennis Robinson - long frame. Can rebound and Block some shots. Needs more offensive skills.

Nolen Irby 2016 5'6 point guard Promise Academy Coach Lawrence Tolbert W4S Team:  The Bridge Coach Joe - good with the ball. Effective with his dribble and pass. Can hit open shots when necessary.  Needs to be consistent with his outside shooting especially over bigger players.

James Bouknight 2018 6'3 guard Lasalle Coach Jerome Penell W4S Team:  Mega Coach Arnell  Milton - good spot shooter. Has decent range. Needs to get better with his dribble and stronger with his drive to the basket.

Jeffrey Hudson 2017 6'4 forward Berkeley Carroll Coach Carmine Giovino W4S Team:  Team Mega Coach Arnell Milton - shows decent athletic ability. Decent around the basket. Good mid range shot. Needs to be more aggressive. 

Tyrone Foster 2020 5'9 point guard Mott Hall Coach Erin Garris W4S Team:  Mega Coach Arnell Milton - young point guard.  Shows the skills necessary to be a good player as he gets older. Entering high school he will need to show maturity.

Justin Sykes 2015 6'1 guard TMA Coach Steve Ravell W4S Team: S.E. Stars Coach Romel Jackson - lefty guard. Can be a play maker and scorer. Can hit open 3pt shots. Needs to be stronger with his dribble in traffic and consistent with his 3pt shooting

Mamadou Diallo 2016 6'2 forward Grand St Coach Sharp W4S Team:  S.E Stars Coach Romel Jackson - works hard. Good rebounder. Good around the basket and step out to 15ft. Undersized for the forward position. Will need to get stronger for next level play.

Caleb Tyrell 2016 6'4 forward Transit Tech  Coach Perazzo W4S Team:  Brooklyn /Queens Warriors Coach Rod Busey - good in the post. Good rebounder. Soft shot 10ft and in. Needs to improve his ball handle.

Malik Reddick 2016 6'2 small forward, Frederick Douglass Academy, Coach Patrick Meegan W4S Team:  Sky Risers Coach Liz Gonzalez - versatile player. Can handle the ball. Can play inside and out. Decent passer with some 3pt range. Needs to get into better shape.

posted 06/06/2016

posted 05/11/2016
2016 Empire State Games

By: Claire Mulgrew

This weekend in Ardsley, NY at the House of Sports, Zero Gravity hosted the Empire State Challenge where teams from all over the tri-state area came out to show their talents. Some of the top performers at the tournament included the following:

Max Mitchell (2020) 6’3” Forward, Greens Farm Academy, Hometown: Westport, CT AAU Team: CT Premier Hoops Development. Mitchell has exceptional big man skills, despite the fact that he is only in 8th grade. He can go hard to the basket, while also sinking outside shots. He grabs many rebounds and plays with confidence.

Joey Gulbin (2020) 5’7’ Swing, Fairfield Warde High School, Hometown: Fairfield, CT AAU Team: CT Premier Hoops Development. Gulbin is a strong defender who puts his heart in every possession he plays. He is always hustling and plays with determination to see his team win.

Diontae Eady (2020) 5’8 Point Guard, Hometown: Milford, CT AAU Team: CT Premier Hoops Development. Eady has good ball handling skills and also makes smart passes to his teammates.

Jadyn Tabois (2019) 5’11” Guard, Fairfield Prep, Hometown: Southport, CT AAU Team: CT Premier Hoops Development. Tabois has good shot, whether it be from outside, in the paint, or down low. He also is very consistent with his foul shooting. 

Gavin Greene (2020) 6’2” Forward, Saint Joseph’s High School, Hometown: Monroe, CT AAU Team: CT Premier Hoops Development. Greene has a nice mid range jumper and is powerful down low as well.

Kameron Jones (2020) 5’9” Shooting Guard, West Genesee High School, Hometown:Syracuse, NY AAU Team: Gymratz. Jones is really increasing the depth of all of his ball handling skills and makes lots of steals. He hustles and stays with the play. He also has nice mid-range jumper.

Travis Gray (2020) 6’3’ Shooting Guard, Fayetteville Manlius High School, Hometown:Syracuse, NY AAU Team: Gymratz. Gray creates many opportunities for his teammates to score when he is on the court. He also gets many points inside, resulting in him getting to the foul line.

Will Amica (2020) 5’8” Point Guard, West Genesee High School, Hometown: Syracuse, NYAAU Team: Gymratz. Amica is a natural point guard. He can easily get around many defenders, making it easy to dribble up and down the court under pressure. He makes good decisions with the ball. He also has a good shot.

Charlie Godsden (2020) 6’3” F/C, Fayetteville Manlius High School, Hometown: Manlius, NYAAU Team: Gymratz. Grabbing rebounds is Godsden’s specialty. He plays strong and gets his points down low.

Zack Brown (2020) 6’2” Forward, Solvay High School, Hometown: Syracuse, NY AAU Team:Gymratz. Brown is an all around good player, who plays smart and uses that to help his team succeed.

Jaden Ezomo (2020) 6’3” Forward, Nottingtham High School, Hometown: Syracuse, NY AAU Team: Gymratz. A good outsider shooter, who is strong and able to block shots. He also is a dependable rebounder for his team.

Aidan Kudzy  (2017)  6'0"  Guard, Ludlowe High School Hometown: Fairfield, CT  AAU Team: ABC-Krumins.  It is not often we see a kid dominate a game from the defensive end. This kid plays stifling on-ball defense, gets to every loose ball and can also pin layups on the backboard. Gets to the rim and finishes.

Connor Payne (2018) 6’3” PF/C, Massapequa High School, Hometown: Massapequa Park, NYAAU Team:  Lightning-Busch. Payne makes nice moves to the hoop, resulting in lots of rebounds and point down low. He uses his size to his advantage, often resulting in him taking charges and getting to the foul line.

Teandre Rountree (2018) 5’9” Point Guard, Bellport High School, Hometown: Bellport, NY AAU Team: LI Elite. Rountree overwhelms any team trying to defend him with his exceptional ball handling skills and his overall ability as point guard. He is a good defender, making it tough for players to get around him.

Troy Goode (2018) 5’9” Point Guard, Riverhead High School, Hometown: Riverhead, NY AAU Team: LI Elite. Goode is fast, which helps him create turnovers for the other team. He goes strong to the basket and gets points down low.

Sean Braithwaite (2019) 6’4” Guard, Center Moriches, Hometown: Center Moriches AAU Team: LI Elite. Braithcoaite does a little bit of everything for his team. He can also shoot well from the 3-point range.

Jake Gaudiello (2018) 5'11 Guard - HS Team Westhampton Beach HS, Westhampton NY  AAU Team: LI Elite. Heady guard who competes at both ends; has tremendous range and good IQ. Made winning plays down stretch to help his team secure win.

Elijah Harding (2017) 6’1” Forward, Bridgehampton High School, Hometown: Bridgehampton, NY AAU Team: LI Elite. Harding clogs up the middle, and is always helping his teammates out on defense. He uses his body to his advantage down low and finishes his shots strong. He is a true team player who is always hustling.

Micah Snowden (2019) 6’4” Center, Southampton High School, Hometown: Southampton, NYAAU Team: LI Elite. Snowden consistently gets to the line and makes his foul shots. He is strong down low and always goes hard to the basket.

Jack Reese (2019) 5’7” Guard, Easthampton High School, Hometown: Easthampton, NY AAu Team: LI Elite. Between his quickness and ability to get to the basket, when Reese is on the floor, he gives it his all. He makes smart passes, grabs rebounds, and always goes the extra mile for his team. He is an all around good player.

Hayes Kelchner (2017) 6’6”, Forward, Ludlowe High School, Hometown: Fairfield, CT AAU Team: ABC-Scott. The cornerstone of any successful basketball, a hard playing, tough minded big. Kelchner is all of that. Relentless rebounding effort, and runs the floor well in both directions . He is a strong defender, who is a road block to the rim.

Hamilton Forsythe (2017) 6’7" Wing, Weston High School Hometown: Weston, CT AAU Team: ABC-Scott. Forsythe is blessed, a high academic with a D1 body. He is smooth and athletic. Too athletic to be guarded by bigs on the perimeter, and too long to be guarded by guards in the paint. He has a pretty and high release on his smooth jumper. Very active and mobile on both ends of the court.

Cole Prowitt-Smith (2019) 6’2” Guard, Greens Farms Academy Hometown: Fairfield, CT AAU Team: Academic Basketball. Smith has excellent change-of-direction athleticism, gets to the line frequently and is a very consistent shooter from deep. Despite playing two years "up" in the 17u division, he plays with confidence that helps bring his team to success. 


posted 05/04/2016
2016 Hoops Showdown All Star Games


By Leonardo Jorge

Many of the top high school players in New York City gathered at the Bronx River Gym and played in this year's Hoop City Showdown All Star game. Here are some of the guys who shown brightly.

Victor Bakre - 6'4 G - 2016 - Jane Adams HS (Bronx). Victor is an athlete. He has good size for a guard and a great wingspan. His jumping and finishing ability make him a major offensive threat.

Darrin Horn - 6'5 G - 2017 West Oaks Academy HS (FL). Darrin needs to get in the gym to take his game to the next level but he can play. He had tough matchups and went at it with all of them. He can put the ball in the basket but he needs to sharpen his skills in order to be a great player.

Saquan Singleton - 6'5 SG - 2017 - Monsignor Scanlan HS (Bronx). Saquan needs to get stronger and be more aggressive in order to be a high level D1 player. However, he's a guy that you don't sleep on. He shut down the gym with his SportsCenter Top 10 worthy poster dunk.

Isaiah Washington - 6'2 PG - 2017 - St. Raymond's HS (Bronx). The game comes easy to Isaiah and he uses that to be a great leader and floor general. His mix of court vision, aggressiveness, passing ability, and flashy handle make it easy to see why some call him NYC's next best PG. I would like to see him work on his shooting ability so that he can strive on the next level.

Sidney Wilson - 6'7 F - 2017 - St. Raymond's HS (Bronx). Sidney is a big time prospect, it's easy to see why many high level programs have been recruiting him for awhile now. At 6'7, he's very skilled and versatile. Around the right coaches he can develop into a  good pro.

Cyril Langevine - 6'9 F/C - 2016 - The Patrick School HS (NJ). Cyril didn't get many touches but it's easy to see that he gets the job done. He's an underrated big, there aren't many as efficient and fundamentally skilled as he.

Nazreon Reid - 6'9 F - 2018 - Roselle Catholic HS (NJ).He has a lot of work to do in order to maximize his potential but being that he's only a sophomore, Nazreon is big time. As he was bringing the ball up, coach Kashif Pratt told him "go catch a dunk". His response was simple, one dribble to get from half court to the three point line, one in and out dribble to get rid of his defender and another one to make sure he put an exclamation on the dunk. If Nazi keeps developing his skills, he will be a matchup nightmare at the highest collegiate level. 

Markquis Nowell - 5'8 PG - 2018 - Bishop Loughlin HS (Brooklyn). Markquis is tough, skilled and efficient. Because of his poise and on court leadership, it's hard to believe that's he's still an underclassmen. Markquis will find a good fit at the next level.

Baron Goodridge - 6'0 PG - 2016 - Cardinal Hayes HS (Bronx). Baron is a natural born PG. He's great with the ball in his hands but I would like to see his play making ability tested a little more. He was slept on in the recruiting process but he'll be a good college player somewhere.

Elijah Pemberton - 6'4 SG - 2016- Cheshire Acadmemy (CT) Elijah is a guy who will have lots of success at the next level. He's very skilled and has a great understanding of the game. His superb athleticism takes him over the top and it's a big part of the reason that he'll be able to compete against other great guards next year. 

Unique McClean - 6'2 G - 2016 - The Hoosac School (NY). Unique can fly. His pull up jump shot is hard to guard but he'll need to develop more handle and moves to have the same success at the next level.

Chuba Ohams - 6'8 F - 2016 - Coastal Academy (NJ) Chuba's versatility takes him over the top, he's a matchup nightmare. In order to take his game to the next level he needs to hit the weight room and also develop a stronger handle.

Jalen Nesmith - 5'11 PG - 2019 - Cardinal Hayes HS (Bronx) Jalen has heart. Unlike most NYC guards, he doesn't take any plays off. He has the package that all of the elite guards come with: leadership, flashy handle and passing ability. He needs to learn how to run a team better but that'll come with time and experience. His future is all on him, Jalen might be great one day.

Ismael Massoud - 6'7 G - 2018 - Cardinal Hayes HS (Bronx). Ismael isn't too much fun to watch for fans who want that classic NYC playground ball. However,  playground ball isn't what takes you to the next level. Ismael is a next level player, he knows how to play the game and seems fearless of any defender you put on him. Colleges should be all over him.

Michael Maynes - 6'0 G - 2016 - Spring Valley HS (NY). Michael is the guy who you don't want to play against. He's the guy who'll dive into the crowd and has no fear on the court. He can put the ball in the basket but he needs to be more efficient.

Marlon Taylor - 6'6 F - 2015 - Mount Vernon HS (NY). Marlon is a superb athlete. Because of his strength and ability to get his eyes to rim level, Marlon can get in the lane and score the ball at will. He can be developed into a good college player.

posted 05/01/2016
Hoops 4 Autism All Star Game

posted 04/29/2016
2016 Wheelchair Charities Classic


By Leonardo Jorge

Established by Harry "Hank" Carter, the Wheelchair Classic, as a major part of Wheelchair Charities, Inc., started in 1973 and is a magnificent charity game played by the best high school players in New York City. The monies raised to go help support individuals who are wheelchair-bound.

Our top players included: 

Chaz Platt – 5’10 G - Holy Cross - Class of 2016.  Chaz can shoot the basketball, but because of his height, he needs to do it more consistently to be an impact player at the next level. He needs to get better at creating space for his shot. He has IQ and is a natural leader. Overall, with a few tweaks, Chaz can be a good player at the next level.

Alonzo Ortiz-Traylor – 6’5 F - Monsignor McClancy – Class of 2017. Alonzo is a strong forward who can step out. If he develops his handle, don’t be surprised if he starts his senior year with D1 looks.

Daniel Kissoon – 5’8 G - Springfield Gardens – Class of 2016. Daniel is an undersized guard but his toughness makes up for it on this level. He’s tough and has lots of heart. Because of his aggressiveness and understanding of the game, he will find a fit somewhere on the next level.

Tyrone Cohen – 6’5 G - Christ The King – Class of 2016. Tyrone needs to work on his decision making but he can easily be developed into a good Division 1 guard. He gets into the lane with ease and plays hard, he’ll be a good player for Holy Cross next year.

Isaac Grant – 6’4 F - Archbishop Molloy – Class of 2016. Isaac is a high IQ player. He’s very strong which makes him a problem in the paint. However, he’ll need to work on his guard skills in order to be successful at a high collegiate level.

Lenny Kadisha – 6’5 G - Coastal Academy (NJ) – Class of 2016. Lenny has both the size and skill to be a Division 1 guard. However, he has a lot of mental work to do. He makes strong moves but he needs to be less of a ball stopper. If Lenny can learn to balance looking for his own shot and to looking for his teammates, he will take his game to the next level.

Reggie Quezada – 6’2 G - Thurgood Marshall Academy – Class of 2016. Reggie needs a lot of work on his jump shot, especially his form. However, you can’t deny the fact that he’s tough. He takes it to the rack fearlessly and finishes a lot of and 1s. He’s not a kid to sleep on.

Chuba Ohams – 6’8 SF - Coastal Academy (NJ) – Class of 2016. Chuba is a BIG time prospect. He’s a 6’8 with guard skills and I wouldn’t be surprised if his wingspan is over 7 feet. His jump shot and free throw shooting need a lot of work but Chuba is special. Fordham isn’t necessarily known for breeding NBA players but if he works hard enough then Chuba may be the one to start that trend.

Bryan Assie – 6’6 F - Thurgood Marshall Academy – Class of 2016. Bryan is tough down low. He’s strong and has great fundamentals for a big. He can be a steal for many big time programs at the next level.

Bryce Council – 5’8 PG – LaSalle Academy – Class of 2017. Bryce is a tough floor general. He has enough handle to hold his own against athletic defenders and he has a whole lot of heart. He’s a guy who isn’t scared of the spotlight, he’ll give it his all.

Terrell Fullerton – 6’3 G – BDA – Class of 2016. Terrell is one of Brooklyn’s underrated guards. He had a couple of plays that displayed his efficient handle and scoring ability.  Don’t put a guy who can’t play defense in front of him because Terrell will expose him.

Gerald Williams – 6’5 G – Westinghouse HS – Class of 2016. Gerald is a great athlete. His strength and toughness allows him to take it to the basket on just about any big in America. Watch your head if you plan to run and jump with Gerald on the break.

Damarri Moore – 6’7 F – Westinghouse HS – Class of 2016. Damarri displayed his versatility in his matchup with Chuba Ohams. He has a lot of weight room work to do and he needs to keep developing his skills but he’ll be a steal for a low major D1 if he can stay focused.

Anthony Munson – 6’2 PG – Bedford Academy – Class of 2016.  Munson didn’t necessarily have any special plays but he proved that he’s a floor general. His composure and leadership ability will allow him to be successful at the next level.

Rasheem Dunn – 6’3 G – Thomas Jefferson – Class of 2016. Rasheem was a big time steal for St. Francis. He’s a strong guard who can get in the lane and give you a lot of buckets. Because Thomas Jefferson had so much talent, Rasheem couldn’t necessarily display all of his talent but he could’ve easily been the Russell Westbrook of the PSAL this year.

Jahlil Tripp – 6’5 G – Lincoln HS – Class of 2016. Tripp has the size and athleticism to be a big time D1 guard. Defense doesn’t seem to faze him but he needs to remember to stay aggressive. Without the aggressiveness, he’s not as efficient with the ball as he can be. Rutgers got a good one.

Travis Morgan – 6’ G – Elmont HS – Class of 2016. Travis is a guard who can do good things for your program. He needs to be more aggressive in order to completely display his skills but it’s easy to see that overall Travis can just play. 

Mike Almonacy - 6’1 G – Brentwood HS – Class of 2016. If Mike was from NYC then the hype around him would be real. Because of his court vision and wide variety of skills, he’s a great PG who can do it all for your team. If I’m a coach, I’m putting the ball in Mike’s hand for the game winning play. 

Lukas Jarrett – 6’5 F – Northport HS – Class of 2016. It took a few minutes into the game for Lukas to turn the switch on but once he started, there was no stopping him. This kid can play. Because of the combination of his length and skill, he has a lot of potential. It doesn’t hurt that his jump shot is automatic. A good coach can mold this kid into a great college player. 

Jose Pabon – 5’11 PG – Upper Room Christian HS – Class of 2016. Jose has a lot to work on in order to run the point for a good team next year. However, he plays hard and has a great understanding of the game. 

Alex Sorenson – 6’3 G – South Side – Class of 2016. The first few times he touched the ball, Alex proved that he can shoot the ball with ease. After the defense closed out on him, he also proved that he can make strong moves. He’s a kid who’s easy to sleep on in warm ups but once the ball is in his hands, it’s hard to stop this kid from making a play.   

posted 04/25/2016
2016 ZG Big Time Challenge - Top Performers

By Claire Mulgrew and Emma Yavel

Big Time Competition at HOS

Ardsley, NY Zero Gravity hosted another tournament at the House of Sports, filled with talent from all over the east coast. It was an exciting weekend where the NY Lightning was crowned the Big Time Champion in the 14U/8th grade division. Here are the weekend's top performers that we saw: 

Andy Vittoria (2019) 6’4” Center, Regis High School, Manhattan Hometown: Greenwich, CT AAU Team: Tristate Thunder. Vittoria is a strong player, who is always grabbing rebounds. He is powerful down low and positions himself well to score.

Bruno Barbosa (2019) 5’11” Small Forward, Pelham High School Hometown: Pelham, NY AAU Team: Tristate Thunder. Barbosa can shoot from just about anywhere on the court. His confidence shows, especially when making foul shots under pressure. He also can drive strong to the hoop.

Samuel “Gus” Thompson (2019) 6’1” SF/PF, Scarsdale High School Hometown: Scarsdale, NY AAU Team: Tristate Thunder. If the ball is on the floor, so is Thompson, every possession he finds someway to show his hustle. He also has a good shot and is a strong defender.

Jamari Foy (2020) 5’8” Point Guard, Hometown: Boston, MA AAU Team: eXpressions Elite  Foy is a good outsider shooter, with long range. His is always hustling hard to make good plays for his team.

Jamel Shaheed (2020) 5’10 SG/SF, Hometown: Boston, MA AAU Team: eXpressions Elite. Shaheed consistently gets to the line, making many of his foul shots. He is also a good outsider shooter.

Kurtis Henderson (2020) 5’6” Point Guard, Hometown: Brockton, MA AAU Team: eXpressions Elite. Henderson is a strong point guard, who can get down the court quickly and set up his teammates nicely for shots. He also can drive strongly to the hoop, but can pull up for a long range shot.

Karl Jeannot (2020) 6’5 SF/PF, Holderness High School (NH) Hometown: Everett, MA AAU Team: eXpressions Elite. Jeannot uses his height and long arm span to help clog up the middle. He grabs many rebounds on either end, providing him with ton of points right under the basket. He does not shy away from contact and is a strong all around player.

Quaran McPherson (2020) 6’2” PG, Vermont Academy (VT) Hometown: Queens, NY AAU Team: NY Lightning. McPherson can dribble around many defenders, making it hard to defend him. He also can drive hard to the basket, getting points easily.

Trey Hall (2020) 6’7” SG/SF, Hometown: Willimantic, CT AAU Team: NY Lightning Hall excels when under the basket, whether it be grabbing rebounds or getting baskets off. He also can drive to the basket from further out, making it hard for small players to defend him. He can jump very high, allowing him to easily block shots. 

Gary Grant (2020) 6’3” PG/SG, St. Raymond’s High School, Bronx Hometown: Queens, NY AAU Team: NY Lightning. Grant is tough and a good defender. He can shoot from all over the court and also is able to dribble around many defenders.

Quron Zene Jr. (2021) 6’4” Guard, Hometown: Windsor, CT AAU Team: NY Lightning  Zene provides great help to his team on defense, often stepping up to help out his other team members. He also is a good shooter.

Primo Spears (2020) 6’0” Point Guard, Northwest Catholic, CT Hometown: Hartford, CT AAU Team: NY Lightning. Spears is good with the ball, and clearly comfortable dribbling under pressure. He also creates good scoring opportunities for his teammates, leading him to a lot of assists.

Sylvanus Isiah Thompson (2019) 5’8” Shooting Guard, Danbury High School Hometown: Danbury, CT AAU Team: Keen Vision. Thompson is a good shooter that has long range. He defends the ball very well, and can easily annoy the players he is defending.

Denali Burton (2019) 6’2” Small Forward, Danbury High School Hometown: Danbury, CT AAU Team: Keen Vision. Burton is always hustling and giving his all on every possession, which is part of what makes him a tough defender in the paint. He can easily get by defenders, helping him get to the foul line frequently.

Keyon Moore (2019) 5’7” PG/SG, Danbury High School Hometown: Danbury, CT AAU Team: Keen Vision. Moore makes big plays for his team, including getting steals and getting to the foul line. He takes it hard to the rim, making foul shots and playing tough throughout the game.

Nazeer Priar (2019) 5’4” Shooting Guard, Abbott Technical High School Hometown: Danbury, CT AAU Team: Keen Vision. Priar is not afraid of contact, often going right up against the taller players when down low. He plays with confidence and is a good outsider shooter.

Charlie Weitzel  (2020) 6’4” Power Forward, Roxbury Latin HS (MA) AAU Team: Boston Bobcats. Weitzel has the height to be an excellent low post player. Always knows what to do with the ball on the offensive end. Poses a huge threat to opponents just by standing there – the guy gets to the free throw line.

Donovan Crawford (2020) 5’7” Point Guard, Beaver Country Day School (MA) AAU Team: Boston Bobcats. Crawford always capitalizes big time on every point. He has the range and can also make the easy lay-up. Smart player with high basketball IQ. Hopefully will be college bound.

Aaron Cooley (2020) 6’3” Forward, Newton North HS (MA) AAU Team: Boston Bobcats. This guy always seems to be in the middle the point – whether its on offense or defense. He fights for all the rebounds and seems to always come out on top. He is a very talented 8th grader with prosperous years ahead of him.

Jacob Harris – (2020) 6’0” Small Forward, Brookline HS AAU Team: Boston Bobcats. An unbelievably agile player. Made quite a few unbelievable plays off the dribble. Exciting player to watch, as he is pretty unpredictable. Very fast but can sometimes get overly aggressive. His charisma and love for the game will go far. Once he matures, he’ll be an extremely hot prospect in a few years time.

Trey Hall  (2020) 6’7” Wing  AAU Team: NY Lightning. Standing at 6’7”, Hall who is only in 8th grade, can dunk, play the point, and can basically play anywhere on the court. It would be unbelievable if this guy is not finished growing.

Camaron Tongue (2020)  6’3” Forward  Beaver Country Day School (MA) AAU Team: Boston Bobcats. Tall lanky guy who, although does need some work down low, can be a huge asset to the team once he matures. For now, he can contribute to the team’s offense and give them a decent amount of minutes. Coach says: “He is known for his shot blocking, rebounding and physical play. He also has the ability to guard guards”.

Zion Bethea  (2020) 6’1” Guard, Hometown: South Orange, NJ AAU Team: NJ Playaz. Big bodied guard that shows off a great deal of talent. He has the ability to catch and shoot the ball very quickly while demonstrating a soft touch in the lane as well. Bethea will be a hot prospect in the coming years.

Jahmali Carnegie (2020)  6’1” Guard, Hometown: Teaneck, NJ AAU Team: NJ Playaz. Grad Year: 2020 Carnegie is a defensive specialist, as he was one of the best defenders noticed all weekend. He has definitely earned time out on the floor and played extremely valuable minutes this weekend.

Reajon Figures – (2020) 6’2” Guard, Hometown: Hackensack, NJ AAU Team: NJ Playaz. Figures is a combo guard who truly gets the job down up top. His skill set allows him to a reliable finisher. He is clearly a leader of the squad and is able to produce results in pressured situations. 



posted 04/20/2016
2016 Big Apple Showcase


By Brett Wilson

Saturday April 9
This year marked the 21st year that Big Apple Sports conducted their college exposure showcase. Here are some notable players that we saw.

Nathan Josaphat class 2016    6'0 guard Brooklyn Friends HS - good shooting touch, strong attacking the basket, very athletic overall and a sharp defender. Needs more confidence, which affects his decision making

Tim Awosika class 2016 6'7 center Southside HS - can block shots in the paint and as a weakside defender. Will hustle hard. Can rebound and has good wingspan. Still developing his offensive game

Myles Patten class 2016 6'3 guard St. Anthony NJ - good player.  Efficient with his play.  Can shoot the 3 ball and good in transition and half court settings. Needs to consistently be a scorer.

Markus Wilson class 2016 6'2 point guard Kennedy HS - left handed point guard with good skill set. Good 3pt shooter.  Good feel for the game and good basketball IQ.  Needs to get stronger

Vaughndras Lennon class 2016 6'6 forward Saunders HS - long with good athletic ability. Good mid range shooter. Will get rebounds on both ends.  Needs to work on his dribbling skills.

Marcus Richardson class 2016 6'5 forward Hoosac Prep -  decent shooter.  Plays well in the half court setting.  Knows how to make the right play. Still improving on his athletic ability

Vinace Zoungrana class 2016 6'6 forward Kennedy HS - athletic ability. Good in transition.  Has good ability to be a shot blocker.  Needs to work harder on the offensive end. 

Chris Burkley class 2016 6'0 combo guard Long Island Lutheran - good combo guard. Good with the ball in his hands and making decisions. Will try hard on defense. Needs to better at mid range shooting

Jamir Cheeks class 2016 6'0 point guard Boys & Girls HS - good with the ball in his hands. Good with his dribble and drive moves.  Good energy on the court. Average defender

John Green class 2016 6'6 forward Manhattan HS - has some explosive power moves to the basket. Can get vertical and finish above the rim.  Needs to work on better footwork and crashing the boards

Obadiah Toppin class 2016 6'7 forward Ossining HS - good player good athleticism. Can beat you to basket with his long arms and reach. Can play above the rim. Can turn and face. Needs to get tough on defense

Yaradyah Evans class 2016 6'7 forward South Shore HS - can block shots and be athletic. Good movement in the lane. Knows how to space the floor. Plays unselfish. Still developing as a strong post player

Najee Scott class 2016 6'4 Boys & Girls HS - 3pt shooter. Streaky shooter but aggressive in his willingness to take the shot. Can push the fast break.  Needs to let the game come to him more often

Denzil Haynes class 2016 6'5 forward Transit Tech - can play in the post and good mid range action.  Can be aggressive on the boards.  Needs to stay focused during the game.

posted 04/11/2016
2016 James Barrett Showcase


By Brett Wilson

The notable unsigned seniors who showed out at James Barrett Showcase on Friday, April 8 were as follows:

Teshaun Beckles class 2016 6'3 wing Eagle Academy - good player. Good in transition.  Knows how to create off the dribble.  Needs to get more defensive minded. 

Baron Goodridge class 2016 5'11 point guard Cardinal Hayes - good in his ability to pass the ball.  Good with his decision making in transition. Can hit open shots. Needs to develop his ability to play consistently with his weak hand.

Kevin Saylor class 2016 6'2 guard Wings Academy - quick and fast.  Can beat you with his dribble drive. Needs to work on his shooting and being a shooting threat

Brian Adams class 2016 6'3 guard St. Raymond HS - will continuously give you good effort.  Decent mid range shooter.  Needs to fall into his niche as a perimeter player.

Cheyenne Nettleman class 2015  5'9 point guard South Shore HS Notre Dam Prep - quick up and down the floor. High energy type of player with scoring and play making ability. Still improving on his shooting and being a good facilitator

Betjol Jeremy class 2016 6'9 center Bishop Loughlin - knows how to crash the boards.  Good flow to his game around the basket. Has the potential to become a go to post player. Needs to jump higher.

Lenny Kadisha class 2015 6'5 wing Wadleigh HS - good size and shows to have better than average athletism. Can score and be a threat. Needs to add steady rebounding and  defense to his game.

Demari Moore class 2016 6'6 forward Westinghouse HS - will play defense and block some shots. Average offensive skills in the post.  Needs to get stronger for more physical play

Malik Mooving class 2016 5'9 point guard Wings Academy - good passer and distributor. Decent at creating and be a play making.  Average shooter.  Still improving at being a strong defender all the time

Gianni Ford class 2016 6'1 point guard Boys & Girls HS - good with the ball in his hands. Can break you down and get past you. Good scoring ability. Needs to be less herky jerky with some of his offensive moves.

Kevin Dennis class 2016 6'4 forward Truman HS - good strong player.  Strong body type and physique. Can rebound and doesnt mind attacking the basket. Still developing as a perimeter player

Obadiah Toppin class 2016 6'7 forward Ossining HS - good player.  Long wingspan. Athletic around and in transition. Has good perimeter abilities. Needs to get tougher on his perimeter defense.

Ronald Jefferson class 2016 6'2 guard Christ The King HS - nice player.  Can handle the ball.  Crafty at finishing at the basket. Willing to take the 3pt shot.  Still needs to physically get stronger for stiff competition.

Wesley Nelson class 2016 6'2 guard Construction HS - good passer.  Sees the floor.  Can be scorer.  Needs to be more vocal with his communication on the court.

Fatir Hines class 2016 6'9 forward The Patrick School - can rebound and be physical in the paint.  Will try hard defending in the post.  Needs to work on better footwork.

posted 04/08/2016
Positive Influence Summer League

Positive Influence Summer League


Season runs from June 15-August 15, Monday through Saturday, 3-10pm 

posted 03/22/2016